Metal recycling is a sustainable practice that plays a vital role in reducing waste and conserving resources. Have you ever wondered about the journey of scrap metal from discarded items to valuable raw materials? Let's take a closer look at the metal scrapping process.

crane lifting metal in scrap yard


It all begins with the collection of scrap metal. This can include old appliances, vehicles, construction materials, and more. Individuals, businesses, and scrapyards collect these items and prepare them for processing.

Sorting and Separation

Once collected, the scrap metal is sorted and separated into different categories based on type and quality. This step is crucial for ensuring that each metal type is processed correctly.


After sorting, the scrap metal undergoes processing. This often involves shredding or cutting it into smaller pieces for easier handling. The processed metal is then cleaned to remove contaminants like paint, insulation, or plastic.


The cleaned metal pieces are melted down in high-temperature furnaces. This process transforms them into molten metal, which can be molded into new shapes or solidified into bars or sheets.


To achieve the desired quality, the molten metal may go through purification processes to remove any remaining impurities, resulting in high-quality recycled metal.


The purified metal is cast into molds to create new products or components. This can range from car parts to building materials, depending on the type of metal.

Quality Control

Before the recycled metal products are distributed to manufacturers, they undergo rigorous quality control checks to ensure they meet industry standards.


Finally, manufacturers use the recycled metal to create a wide range of products, from automobiles to consumer electronics, helping to reduce the demand for new materials and minimize environmental impact.

Metal scrapping is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to contribute to a circular economy. It conserves natural resources, reduces energy consumption, and minimizes waste. So, the next time you recycle that old metal appliance or vehicle, remember that it's on a journey to be reborn as something new, thanks to the metal scrapping process. Metalico is a leader in the metal scrapping industry and we are constantly striving within our community to promote energy conservation, preserving natural resources as well as benefiting the economy. Call any one of our locations or send us an email through our secure contact form to learn more about this journey and how you can join too.